Julia Mosley heralds from the heart of the English  Staffordshire Countryside, a place that can change it’s mood and temperament in a flicker of a heartbeat. It can be a welcoming yet unforgiving green paradise during the summer, and a seething frozen wasteland in winter. A place where ‘Mother Nature’ seems to take gratification in practicing her craft before unleashing her anger or pleasure upon a trembling world.


Julia's combination of ingredients blend a heady mix of emotive resonance, female enfranchisement  and  romantic mysticism that as the hands of  time continue to ramble ever onward, become almost more than mere songs but living breathing creations. The Elements feature strongly in Ms Mosley’s work, windswept vistas and battling oceans act as locales for her musical characters to battle their (and our)  inner turmoil’s as the search for eternal truth continues. Staffordshire of course is a completely landlocked county, with not  a stretch of oceanic water to be found,  but the seemingly random power at Mother Nature’s disposal is engrained in Julia’s song writing psyche….......

Julia has often described herself as an ‘Actress Within Her Own Music,’ and it’s this portrayal that gives each and every song it’s individuality and emotional timbre.  At the age of 15 she won the ‘Staffordshire’s Pop Stars’ competition with an original composition called ’Slipping Away’ which later appeared on her debut self penned and home-made LP ‘FairyTale. H
er late teens were spent at Manchester’s Metropolitan University where she studied for a Popular Music Degree and  a Masters in Contemporary Arts. While there she also composed and performed two ‘Alternative Music’ theatrical works, and at the same time continued with a long held fondness for busking regardless of weather conditions, which she is still not adverse to doing today. It seems confronting Mother Nature head on, no matter how stormy or warm, is not about to daunt our heroine!

In 2011 she formed her first group who recorded an LP featuring eight Mosley penned songs, before she left in 2017 to concentrate on solo projects - her debut EP Once in a Blue Moon is set to be released in October 2017.

Written by Paul Oldfield