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Once in a Blue Moon:

"Okay I’ve broken the rules; It’s four track EP plus four live tracks but this is too big to just name it an EP. Julia Mosley has got a voice that many women will be jealous of. ‘September Song’ begins with some of the deepest lyrics you can ask for and I’ll bet real money that you can’t match her for getting under your skin. ‘The Conquest’ is like a tribe of Julia Mosley all conducting a powerful raindance. ‘Jack Frost’ could arguably encourage Andrew Lloyd Webber to take up hairdressing or any profession other than music as it’s more powerful and soulful than anything you can envisage on a West End Stage or Broadway. Finally ‘Red Sky at Night’ is the short gentle end to what can only be described as a delightful collection of warm, powerful, tender ballads that ooze class and wonder. This is one of Staffordshire’s finest and we can only encourage her to continue to grow. There’s no doubting her skills as you can hear the same four tracks again live straight after on this release and you’ll keep playing them all back to back just like I did. Incredible." - Nick J. Townsend, Ryan's Gig Guide.

September Song:

"...‘September Song’ taken from said EP entitled ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ is a genuinely spiritually uplifting song from one of today’s brightest talents. Crystal clear breathy vocals (no chance of a misheard lyric here!) sit atop an acoustic backing of sparse piano chords and storm cloud gathering heavy percussion. A percussion groove that doesn’t so much keep the rhythm as act as a pumping heart delivering blood into the very soul of the song. As is fast becoming the norm, it is difficult to compare Julia to any current musical style or genre. Her originality of voice and skill with melody set her a millennia  apart from her not so near contempories.Listen to this record and you can only picture a being of shimmering pure incandescent light radiating words of Love and Truth upon those mortals willing to pay attention, and they who have yet to be converted.
A Goddess of Pop you could say…"
- Paul Oldfield, Lasar Radio.

The Honey Box: Episode 5:

"A name you will hear quite frequently at the moment in and around the local music scene, is Julia Mosley. Having recently stepped down from her former band Reagal, Mosley is now well and truly going it alone. If her performance on The Honey Box was anything to go by though, then I’d say she’s going to be alright. Performing original compositions such as her debut single ‘September Song’, ‘Jack Frost’ and ‘The Conquest’, Mosley breezed through her set with ease. Her powerful, feathery vocals combined with mellow piano accompaniment, filled the room and spread into everyone’s souls. Her confidence was noticeable, as was her enthusiasm for performing, making her instantly likeable and an obvious live audience favourite. With new music on the horizon and the buzz around her talent seemingly ever growing, I think Julia Mosley is going to be just fine on her own. " - Emily Jones, E Major.

Live at The Exchange, Hanley:

Following Kez was Julia Mosley, whose bubbly and lovable personality shines through every live performance. Seated comfortably behind an electric piano, Mosley pulled the audience in and held them there in the palm of her hand. Performing original compositions such as ‘Jack Frost’, ‘I Wear Black’ and ‘A Stranger's Mind’, Mosley seemed to grow as her set progressed. Her likeable personality coupled with her extraordinary vocal range, is ultimately what makes you want to hear more from Mosley. Laughing off a brief moment of forgetfulness, as she hurriedly tried to remember the key to a song, Julia Mosley gave a memorable note-perfect performance and warmed up the room just the right amount, for the headliner to fall into. - Emily Jones, Rebel Culture.

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