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Album of the Month: "Okay I’ve broken the rules; It’s four track EP plus four live tracks but this is too big to just name it an EP. Julia Mosley has got a voice that many women will be jealous of. ‘September Song’ begins with some of the deepest lyrics you can ask for and I’ll bet real money that you can’t match her for getting under your skin. ‘The Conquest’ is like a tribe of Julia Mosley all conducting a powerful raindance. ‘Jack Frost’ could arguably encourage Andrew Lloyd Webber to take up hairdressing or any profession other than music as it’s more powerful and soulful than anything you can envisage on a West End Stage or Broadway. Finally ‘Red Sky at Night’ is the short gentle end to what can only be described as a delightful collection of warm, powerful, tender ballads that ooze class and wonder. This is one of Staffordshire’s finest and we can only encourage her to continue to grow. There’s no doubting her skills as you can hear the same four tracks again live straight after on this release and you’ll keep playing them all back to back just like I did. Incredible." - Nick J. Townsend, Ryan's Gig Guide.


Once in a Blue Moon

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